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Thread: Engine oil level increases between changes

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    Re: Engine oil level increases between changes

    500 km update:

    1. oil level appears not to have increased. Fingers crossed that continues.
    2. I haven't had to use my inline Facet clickety-clack pump to prime as I used to on just about every start-up and sometimes sitting at the lights. Not sure if this has anything to do with the new front seal, but I guess it could as air could possibly enter the pump here if the vehicle was parked for long periods and the fuel drained through the bad seal enough to allow air in? Alternatively, I may have fixed another air leak on one of the hoses when I re-installed the IP.
    3. It is blowing a bit more smoke at idle and off-boost and feels slightly more sluggish. I may have put the pump back in one tooth retarded as it was very hard to line up the timing mark on the gear with the little arrow on the timing cover as I couldn't get my eye that low, it was hard to get phone square to take a photos and the gap between the arrow and timing gear was in excess of 10mm. I will try advancing it by ear using the JJ method. I haven't got a lot of travel left anyway as the fuel inlet to the pump will hit the intake plenum when I rotate the pump.

    One other thing I'm interested in opinions on: do you think that my use of the Facet pump could have hastened the failure of the seal by over-pressurising the fuel coming into the pump, in excess of what the internal lift pump does? Looking at the Facet website, these things provide up to 15 PSI of fuel pressure, which might do it? Food for thought.
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    Re: Engine oil level increases between changes

    Don't think the facet would damage the seal but using one with a leaky front seal probably added fuel to the engine oil more quickly. A sure way to set the timing is to remove the timing gear cover and reset everything. Easy once the radiator is removed. The gears are marked with XX, YY and ZZ. Don't try to turn the motor until they line up, just remove the centre gear, reposition the pump and camshaft and put the gear back on. It's a more certain way of doing it than pulling the ip and trying to move it one tooth.
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