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Thread: My first wash. AARGGHH

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    Re: My first wash. AARGGHH

    Your right Tony. Im not sure what cost that will come at though. I will look at a few different materials. perhaps heavy duty visqueen (builders plastic) will do the job, thats about the cheapest I can think of.

    has anybody got any experience with Bio and builders plastic?

    edit - I just looked up an article:

    I doubt it is a peer reviewed article.

    it concludes that Polythene (builders film is polythene I think) is not suitable for long term storage of Bio. My IBC's (which are also polythene) are standing up ok, although the outside of them is a bit weepy. they have had Bio in them for about 5 years now.

    I think I will just go the builders film option, as I can just replace it if it dies in a few years. hopefully the rats dont decide to have a chew though.
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