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Thread: My first wash. AARGGHH

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    Re: My first wash. AARGGHH

    What if you used an old radiator with a 12v fan behind it and cycle the fuel trough it. I know it's more hardware and power consumption, but if you had a 12v pump as well, you could throw a couple of solar panels on your roof and let it do its thing.
    I bought an oil cooling system fairly cheap if eBay to cool my water for meth recovery and that seems to work pretty well.

    You did say you're going HiTech
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    Re: My first wash. AARGGHH

    Thats actually a pretty good idea. I think I have everything I need. As for solar, I'm pretty sure I have that licked. my existing 14 kW system should be able to handle that!!

    as for hi tec, well I have progressed beyond the days of mixing with a drill and a bent bit of reo!.


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