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Thread: My first wash. AARGGHH

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    Re: My first wash. AARGGHH

    I worked out last night that with my particular emulsion, that 4ml of white vinegar coupled with 100 degrees of heat (water was boiling off) was all it took to almost instantly break 900ml of emulsion. the first 2ml made a difference but wasn't enough to completely break it. the second 2ml dose did it instantly.

    So the question is, do I need to multiply the sample qty by the size of the entire brew, or just the volume of emulsion? I am thinking the entire brew as it will be evenly distributed (in a perfect world, which we know doesn't exist because there would be a Tilly on every street corner if it did).


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    Re: My first wash. AARGGHH

    Hi Cade,

    Thank you for your vote of confidence, you have made me blush.

    Typically people wash several times before drying.
    If you go back and look at the picture I posted of the biodiesel in the bottle sitting on top of white wash water, you could be pretty safe in saying that the biodiesel had only been washed once or twice.
    The next thing that would have happened was the water would have been drained and another wash performed.
    It is best to try to wash until your wash water is fairly clear. You do not want much of any soap remaining in the biodiesel when you are finished washing.
    Then drying should not be a problem.

    I Posted the World Famous Dr Pepper Wash Technique (Pat Pend) that describes a method of washing a small test batch of biodiesel that avoids emulsion problems

    I suggest you try to up-size something along those lines.
    I have very few problems when washing when I use that method
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