Hey Everyone Recently got a toyota landcruiser 60 series, which long term I'd like to get converted full and proper.

Short term, I'd really like to get something up and running as quick as possible, with as little hassle, which would allow me to run on a percentage of vege oil, without needing a separate tank. I've heard from some people, you can use straight filtered vege oil, on a 50/50 ratio.

Anybody have any specific information on the requirements of this for the HJ61?? Assuming fuel injector heaters would be useful, or a heat exchange??

Also for longer term, has anybody got any experience with kits? For simplicity? And which models/brands are any good or best value.

I'm based in the SW of WA moving between Denmark, Perth and all around. Any contacts, or oil filtration places would be valuable.

Thanks heaps