Hey guys, my latest experience with the engine run away made me think (again) about replacing the old 75 series, it's done over 560.000 ks and the question is as alway, keep fixing or replace it.

So I had a look on the old gumtree and I found a 2004 79 series with under 200.000ks on it and a 2007 GU patrol ute within my price range.

Now the cruiser has the old trusty 1HZ in it where the Patrol is all Turbo Diesel nicer interior and so on. After doing a bit of looking around, Patrol's sell for quite a bit cheaper than the old cruiser.

Has anyone run a post 2005 Patrol on bio with success?

Silly question, does Toyota charge more because they can or is there a Toyota advantage? ( I don't want to start and Toyo vs Nissan Drama please)

A lot of the patrols are common rails, so they are a no go for Bio if I remember correctly.

Thanks again for your input.