Just thought I'd let you know how it is all going with my Disco.

I'm up flow settling my oil in an old olive barrel, then adding 10% petrol settling again and then running through a centrifuge (a modified vegetable juicer) belt and brace approach but better safe than sorry.

I've added a heater in the fuel circuit Eckes filter style adapter (the Disco has a Bosch filter so and easy conversion). So far all is running well with the car and I've done about 5,000 kilometres with zero issues. In this cold weather starting can be a bit hard so adding some kero that I have to help it out a bit. Did think I had blocked a filter at one stage but found and air leak in the fuel system so nothing related to oil usage.

Next stage is to twin tank it, I have an under floor tank to go in that will be the start tank and run oil in the main tank.

So thanks for all the advice on here I'm trucking along nicely on oil.