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Thread: Does red dirt cause rust?

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    Does red dirt cause rust?

    Good morning gentlemen,

    as mentioned in my previous post, I am looking to replace the old HZJ75 with a newer model. I came across a HZJ78 Troopy with just over 190.000 kms. The major thing that raises a few question is that all bare metal in the engine bay incl. parts of the radiator are quite rusty. Speaking to the dealer, he said the vehicle comes from out west and the minerals in the red dirt cause bare metals to rust.

    personally I think that is a load of rubbish, but I do not know everything so please share your thoughts with me.

    On on another note, it has the 'upgraded' 1hz engine in it that seems to have almost like a turbo lag going under load at about 2500 rpm. Is that normal?

    Has anyone ever used NRMA or RACQ or equivalent to do a pre purchase report? The vehicle in question is too far from my local mechanic to take it to him to check it over.

    many thanks.

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    Re: Does red dirt cause rust?

    I though that the red colour is due to iron oxide (ie. rust). Maybe when it's exposed to moisture, it promotes rusting of iron/steel on vehicles.
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    Re: Does red dirt cause rust?

    In another life I used to live in a red dirt area. Never heard anything along these lines. Usually anything from the red dirt was preferred over anything from the coast It may have come from a mining environment, and corrosion is caused by chemical or water(as in dust suppression) from the site.
    I would be looking for a past history of the vehicle and not from the dealer. (We all know they will tell ya anything to make a sale)


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