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Thread: Axle breathers

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    Axle breathers

    Hi Team,

    My Rodeo has extended axle breathers - basically a rubber vacuum hose that extends from the axle up high above the high tide mark if you were doing a water crossing.

    My front one has been somehow leaking oil and a lot as of Saturday. The end of the pipe is up really high - like a couple of inches from the bonnet and there is something generating enough pressure to force oil all the way from the axle housing up and out the pipe. Seems really strange, especially as I haven't driven the ute in about 5 days. It has just been parked up and is oozing oil out the breather. It got quite warm on Saturday (but nowhere near like normal summer temps) and that is when I noticed it on the ground - a good 500 mL patch. It looked very clean too.

    I haven't done any water crossings in at least a year, maybe more, so I doubt there is water in the diff.

    Any thoughts one what could be causing it?
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    Re: Axle breathers

    First thing I'd be doing is check the oil level.

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    Re: Axle breathers

    Sounds odd, are you sure the breather only comes from the front diff? I have the gearbox teed into mine, however have never seen oil come out the top end of it. The only way I can imagine oil being forced out is by turning the diff upside down and parking (overturned car) in the hot sun.?.?
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