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Thread: 1hz pump rebuilt costs

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    1hz pump rebuilt costs

    Hello guys,

    I have just recently purchased a 78 series troopy which seems to have some IP issues. Long story short, because I have found water and dirt residues in the fuel filter just after driving 100ks home from the dealership, I am getting them to pay for it. I got a price in Lismore for a complete rebuild for around 3.5k

    However the dealer knows a guy in Omeau who would do it for $1.5k.
    He obviously prefers to use his guy, I am a bit sus about it.

    Any thoughts please, last time I got mine done in the 75 series by Diesel Australia in Springwood it cost me 2.5k.


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    Re: 1hz pump rebuilt costs

    Had my pump rebuilt years ago (maybe 7 or so years? not sure?) by a bloke who i paid $2.5k. Told him it must have viton seals in it when rebuilt. I didnt know what I was looking at and accepted it on face value when it came back. 12 months later the seal failed of course.

    $1500 on todays market sounds pretty darn cheap. I would be asking for all the dead parts back, but he would probably just give you a handful of crap from another pump.

    agree - sounds a little sus.

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    Re: 1hz pump rebuilt costs

    Get the dealership to commit to a warranty on the rebuilt pump. I would suggest 20 - 50KKm.
    Unfortunately, they are unlikely to honour it if you use veggie oil or biodiesel in it.
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    Re: 1hz pump rebuilt costs

    When I was having issues with my Rodeo pump recently, I got a quote for $1,200 for an exchange rebuilt pump, so $1,500 seems in the right ballpark. When quizzed about Viton, he said that is all he has used for more than 10 years. My understanding is that supposedly everyone switched to Viton when low-sulphur diesel was introduced and everybody had to have their pump rebuilt.
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    Re: 1hz pump rebuilt costs

    Hi 3DB,

    Quote Originally Posted by 3DB View Post
    My understanding is that supposedly everyone switched to Viton when low-sulphur diesel was introduced and everybody had to have their pump rebuilt.
    Unfortunately that is not the case. Some Original Equipment Manufacturers have switched to viton hoses and seals while others still use Rubber (Nitrile).
    There was a good discussion on the forum about 12 years ago concerning this very problem.
    Here is the discussion, I recommend reading the whole thing-

    I did some research a number of years ago about what caused the leaking problem when we switched to ULS diesel and the story goes something like this.
    The leaking problem only occurred on some "older" diesels that used Rubber (Nitrile) seals and hoses. There was not a problem with newer Rubber (nitrile) seals or hoses.
    Apparently the hydrotreatment procedure that removes the sulfur in the diesel also removes some aromatics from the diesel.
    Aromatics causes some types of rubber (nitrile) to swell so older IP's may contain swollen seals. When the aromatics are removed from the diesel fuel, the swollen older seals will shrink thus causing a leak.
    If you have new seals in your IP they will not be affected by the lack of aromatic content so there is no leak.
    That means there is no reason for manufacturers to switch to the more expensive viton seals when the Rubber (Nitrile) will work fine as long as they are only used with ULS Diesel fuel.
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