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Thread: Latest model Landcruiser engine compatible

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    Latest model Landcruiser engine compatible


    I am looking to buy a landcruiser and would like to know which of the landcruiser series engines are easy to convert no problems.

    I've heard anything after 2000 gets hard and then common rail is more difficult etc

    Searching through the compatibility list on this forum did reveal landcruiser mainly and some hilux's. I then read through other discussions about converting common rails, some saying too hard other just super clean product.

    Basically my question is which is the latest model Landcruiser engine that is still simple to convert to run on vegetable oil/diesel Waste vegge or straight.

    Eg 2001 troopy 1HD-FTE 4.2L Turbo Diesel
    Is this a simple done before conversion, or problematic?

    Pretty sure I posted in the right spot.. Hopefully

    Appreciate any help, thanks

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    Re: Latest model Landcruiser engine compatible

    First things first, do some more reading and searching about conversions. as far as conversions go for WVO, I cant help you there. But I do have a 1HDFTE. I would not attempt to run it on veggie. The fuel pump for it sucks an enormous amount of fuel. its fuel lines are half inch. excess fuel is used for cooling and lubrication of the pump internals and is returned to the tank.

    I run Bio in mine and difference between diesel and bio is very noticeable, mainly due to the slightly increased viscosity of the fuel and getting it through fuel filters at a high enough rate. I run 2 x parrallel high flow filters pushed by a mallory high flow low pressure fuel pump, which means the car is driveable on bio. thick veggie oil would be a disaster.

    plenty of success out there with the 1HZ though. still a great engine, if underpowered for the beast. lower fuel flows (10mm lines as opposed to 12mm lines) and less electronics.

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    Re: Latest model Landcruiser engine compatible

    As Cade says above, stick to the 1HZ, I have been running bio and veg in my ute without issues. I have just purchased a 2006 Troopy, the last year before they changed engines to common rail I believe. I haven’t converted it to WVO yet but intend to do so before the holidays at the end of the year. The other option is a 12HT or if power (or lack there off) is no issue, the 2H engine seems to do well too. A mate of mine just picked up a immaculate troopy with a turbo charged 2H. He’s happy as he doesn’t need to go anywhere in a rush.

    In terms of the Hiux, I had a 3L enginge in my Hilux, was doing very well on WVO. The 5L does too apparently.

    Major things, take you time, there is no such thing as free fuel, WVO costs you in time and lets call it experience. Do your research and don’t rush it. Costly mistakes are done because people get impatient, BIG arrow pointing at myself right now :-)
    if you have a good supply, settle the oil, if you cant read a newspaper through it, don’t use it. That’s what I do nowadays :-)

    good luck!
    1990 Toyota Hilux LN106 with ATG 2 tank system (sold after running 150.000 ks on mainly WVO)

    1993 Toyota 75 Series with 1 HDT conversion, 75l factory tank and a custom 170l under tray tank. (Retired with 680.000ks on the clock mostly running on BIO and on WVO)

    2006 Landcruiser Troopcarrier 1HZ with DTS Turbo Kit, 170ltr long range tank currently not converted, running on B100

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