VIN: 123 130 22 018322
Car runs and drives and is currently on non-transferrable NSW historic rego. However, just in the last week or so it has developed an earthing issue which is making it hard to crank. I am happy to let the purchaser drive it on the historic plates to wherever they need to go provided they sign something saying they are responsible for all traffic fines etc.
Located in Lilyfield NSW 2040.
I have owned it since May 2016. Was located in Frankston VIC prior to that.
Looks rough and does have rust. I have spent quite a bit of time trying to halt the rust and think I have done a pretty reasonable job, but cosmetics are not my strong point. The main issue at present are the steel channels that connect the window glass to the regulators - these need to be replaced and my plan was to use aluminium channel. Just never got around to it. Has a hole the size of a 50C piece in the passenger floor, but is not getting any worse.
Brakes completely rebuilt a couple of years ago including new master cylinder, rebuilt calipers and new flexible hoses.
SLS pump also rebuilt about 3 years ago and replacement levelling valve and accumulators fitted. Rear suspension is great and holds pressure indefinitely.
Previously naturally aspirated engine has been fitted with a custom turbo manifold made from mandrel tubes and generic turbo with 3" straight through exhaust with high flow muffler at the end. It sounds good but isn't too noisy. Wastegate set at about 22 PSI. Also has boost and EGT gauges.
Fitted with a Cooling Mist water-methanol injection kit that does a good job at keeping exhaust gas temperatures (EGT) down. Replacement value about $500 - $700.
Recently fitted Dieselmeken M super injection pump. Less than 500 km on that. 7.5 mm elements with ALDA. If you don't know what this means, just put 'Dieselmeken' into YouTube. Replacement value $1,700 - $2,000 depending on the exchange rate. I have the receipt. The car really flies with this pump in, but the auto transmission has run out of adjustment and can flare between changes. I think it needs more timing advance though as it has been hard to start since installing the pump. I can explain my reasoning in more detail.
I have been running it on biodiesel since I bought it.
The original MW injection pump and hard lines come with the car and will bolt straight back in if so desired.
Engine does have blow-by, but this is under control with a MANN-Hummel Provent 200 that removes oil from the crankcase vent, filters it and returns it to the sump.
Head gasket was changed by PO and radiator upgraded to an aluminium unit from a GM V8. Has never had a cooling issue since I've had it. I believe the cam is from a later model car and the head has had some porting done when it came off to do the gasket.
Tons of spares as you can see in the photos. Includes 2 spare headlight assemblies, 2 spare tail lights, 2 spare starter motors (both work) 3 spare wheels & tyres, 1 spare steering wheel, 12 hubcaps, 2 steering boxes, an instrument cluster and several individual gauges, spare brake calipers and a 4 litre ice cream bucket full of miscellaneous Mercedes nuts and bolts, which have been very handy. 1 new oil filter, 2 fuel filters & 1 new SLS filter also included.
Becker Mexico AM/FM radio with cassette deck still installed. Not sure if it is the original though. Original first aid kit still intact.

Looking for around the $3,000 mark with the Dieselmeken pump, methanol injection system and plethora of spares. Open to offers, but not desperate to sell at this point. I have lost enthusiasm and am short on time to work on it so thinking of other projects.

Plenty of photos here:

Phone Ethan on 0411 345 986 for more info