Good morning everyone,

as this silliness is spreading, a lot of people in the area have rediscovered the old veggie patch.

I have been composting most of my glycerine over the last 2 years. With I think great results.

I have got 2 compost heaps, about 1m3 ea. The glycerine gets applied in a thin layer, them covered with straw, mulch or grass clippings. Twice a year the composting toilet gets emptied there as well.
Next layer and so on. The compost has a beautiful dark rich colour and smells like good compost.
It is important to not put too much glycerine on at anyone time as this will end up as a smelly mess.
I often also use saw dust from work to absorb the glycerine and stop it from running everywhere.

My compost heap always sits around 55-60 degrees, which should kill off any harmful bacteria. As my first compost heap approaches 2 years, I am about to use it in the garden.
When I checked it yesterday, it was full of worms, I will keep you posted on the results.

My recent addition to the garden where 2 banana plants. Somewhere I have heard that Bananas like potassium fertiliser. Has anyone of you applied glycerine as a weak brew or direct in small doses to Bananas?

have a great day!