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Thread: 1st time WVO blending

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    Re: 1st time WVO blending

    Had another cold start in 7C with no problem.

    Drove up to Sydney on my 36% blend and it went like a rocket.

    Added another 20L veg + 15L bio when I got up there and drove back on that - went even better.

    Cold start at < 10C this am and no worries. Dino % would have been < 10%.

    Have to drive back up to Sydney next week so will throw 35L veg on top of whatever is left in the tank and top up with dino and see how that goes.
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    Re: 1st time WVO blending

    Why don’t you just convert the Rodeo to a 2 tank system Ethan? Lot less work than making bio all the time.
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