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Thread: 6.7 + Biodiesel + MiniMaxx = Failed Fuel Regulators

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    6.7 + Biodiesel + MiniMaxx = Failed Fuel Regulators

    Hi guys,
    New to the site and looking for an answer to a problem. I have a 6.7 and run my own biodiesel (BioPro190) 6700 gallons and counting. This is my 8th Superduty. I have run B100 in all of the 7.3's and my last 6.0 with a minor modification most of which had tuners or chips. I was so sure the new 6.7 powerstroke would be able to handle Biodiesel with a tuner as my last vehicles did. I ran various amounts of biodiesel starting with B20 then slowly tried B40 and even B65 with no problems. Then, after about 15K miles I installed the H&S MiniMaxx Tuner, full race exhaust and a AEM intake. That's when the problem started. The truck ran GREAT but would randomly die when coming down to idle. I researched the problem and replaced the fuel pressure regulator. It fixed the problem..........for about a week. Then it started again. I called H&S they said it was the biodiesel. So I changed the regulator again and stopped using biodiesel. I bought this truck because I love Powerstrokes and was confident it would be the perfect biodiesel truck. It's turning into the worst and I have biodiesel running out of my ears. Any help ??????? Anybody running Biodiesel and any tuner???? Let me hear it.

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    Re: 6.7 + Biodiesel + MiniMaxx = Failed Fuel Regulators

    G'day JSlayer,
    Welcome to the forum.
    It appears you have an MGTC.
    I had an MGTD in the 70's. I had to sell it when I moved to Australia. They are beautiful cars, I wish I still had it.
    There seem to be more MGTF's in Australia, but very few.. I think they ruined it by putting the headlights in the fender on the TF .
    Amazingly, I saw a TD just this weekend, probably the first one I have seen in 10 years or more.

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