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Thread: Melbourne Biodiesel Club.

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    Re: Melbourne Biodiesel Club.

    Sounds like it will be a great day, and the jatropha information would be very interesting for farmers, would be interesting to see what its yield per hectare is and water requirements.

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    Re: Melbourne Biodiesel Club.


    I live in melbourne and am very interested in starting to make my own bio diesel either at home or at a workshop, is this group still running? or is there something similar or someone interested in helping me out?


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    Smile Re: Melbourne Biodiesel Club.


    Sorry mate, the club hasn't operated for years. But a few of the past members are still active on this forum and further afield.

    I'm a biodiesel consumer, not a brewer, so can't really help you get started on the home-brew scene. I hope someone else with experience will get back to you with some good advice. The hardest part is getting a regular supply of waste vegie oil.


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    Re: Melbourne Biodiesel Club.

    I know it was 5 years ago but can anyone tell me why this has stopped? What stage did it reach? I wouldn't mind starting something like this at Ceres, we're there any issues that made it not work?

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