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Thread: Canberra Supplies

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    Re: Canberra Supplies

    You must have alot of spare time on your hands, that process will be very time consuming. You also have to filter and wash it. You might be better off converting you vehicle to run on straight Veg oil.

    Quote Originally Posted by mrnamjama View Post

    My assumption was that the dr pepper process is suitable for making of pretty small batches (because that's all I need for my car) quality wise, and that I would have a very convenient and free source of WVO (which I do). As far as I can see, the dr pepper process with basically just 2 litre bottles is quite straightforward and doesn't involve a particularly big outlay in terms of initial startup costs.

    Are you of the opinion that it would not be sufficient?

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    Re: Canberra Supplies

    The Dr Pepper technique is an excellent tool for making small batches of biodiesel as a learning aid, but it would take a long time to make a tank full of biodiesel!

    The Dr Pepper technique can be upscaled to 25 litre containers, and can be good exercise agitating them to make biodiesel. This will serve a couple of ends, improved fitness and fuelling your vehicle.
    Beyond that, the weight of the processor would be too great for manual mixing. I have heard of someone using 60 or 200 litre drums on a pivot, which allows a batch (40 or 120 litres) to be mixed manually. I don't have a link to that post and it was most likely on another forum.

    Have Fun,


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    Re: Canberra Supplies

    If you're looking for second hand hot water systems to make an apple seed processor try the scrap metal recyclers at Fyshwick, near CANTURF, I just picked up 1 x 400ltr and 2 x 250ltr for $75.

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