I am just setting up a 1000 litre batch plant in the Solomons. It looks like I will produce about 200 ltr per day of glycerine. My process uses CNO with KOH/CH3OH. The by-product is neutralised with 85% H3PO4. Trials have given glycerine of up to 90% purity after distillation of the Ch3OH.

I am desperate to find an outlet for my glycerine. Can anyone please put me in touch with a buyer or refiner. I can ship almost anywhere in the world in 1000 ltr IBC's. I think it might be useful for members to have a list of glycerine buyers and refiners posted on this forum. There are many threads where members are voicing the same question. What do we do with our glycerine? Selling it to a refiner is the best option in my opinion.
I look forward to receiving some good news
Vernon Smith
Coconut Bio-Energy