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Thread: Compact DIY Home Bio kit

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    Re: Compact DIY Home Bio kit

    Hi all I haven't made a kit for a few years but have put together instruction sheets how to make these kits using the same materials that I used back in those days. What I have done is test the method of using powder method ( pottery Plaster $15 a bag) in cleaning the Bio that I make and have been using this method for 2 years now and have had no problems and have cut down the time from 1 week with water washing to one day then using it the next day !!! the instruction sheets of 13 pages describe the powder method as well as making the kits with old Gas cylinders, these will make 70ltrs but the same method can be used if you use larger containers. perfect would be if one could get the old 400lb gas cylinders these would be great!!!! the instruction sheets will be $10 as I need to get some return, it has taken me 2 years to put this all together so that it is foolproof !!!
    If anybody needs some further info on this method let me know.
    Cheers Oily

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    Re: Compact DIY Home Bio kit


    Do you still have the instruction sheets available ?

    Regards, Tibor

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