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Thread: Tallow B100 in Winter?

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    Tallow B100 in Winter?

    All the reports I've read suggest this was a bad idea. If it gets below 3-4 degrees it clouds. However, here in Perth, it seems that dead chickens is all we can get to run our car on.

    Anyone know of a supplier who sells Canola based B100 in winter?


    PS. If I buy one of those machines to make biodiesel myself.. how much can you buy Canola in bulk form for? I'm not interested in doing fish and chip shop runs.

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    Re: Tallow B100 in Winter?

    Try experimenting with a blend. Thats what I'll be doing. I live in hinterland Sunshine Coast. Regularly gets to 0 and beyond. I glow three times (I have to glow twice in SUmmer any how) and sometimes I'll boil a litre of water and pour it over the injectors and pipes just to be sure it'll start first pop.

    I've been having a few probs with my Pajero lately. Spose I've been lucky, but Alternator is dancing about, just replaced injector with one of ebay. Thats what you get with old cars. On the brighter side I've learned about injector pumps and VE Bosches in particular. There is a bit out there. Enough for me to
    tweak it without pulling it apart.


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    Re: Tallow B100 in Winter?

    have a look at gumtree search biodiesel you should come up with a listing for perthbiodiesel



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