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Thread: Future Fuels Distribution in Sydney

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    Re: Future Fuels Distribution in Sydney

    Quote Originally Posted by Vivid Adventures
    If you're reading this VP and FF, I hope you're off your butts resolving the issue and will report back here soon.

    Ciao for now
    Rightly said Andrew.Hope they reading and react.
    We can only do it together.

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    Re: Future Fuels Distribution in Sydney

    Here's a thought.

    Decide what kind of disclosure etc we think they should provide.

    Write to them and give them 14 days to provide it. Tell them that if they do not provide satisfactory disclosure after 14 days, "we" will issue a media release expressing our concern at how little we know and how bad the things we do know are. Where "we" is either a collection of individuals, or one of the biodiesel user's groups, or one of the industry groups.

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    Re: Future Fuels Distribution in Sydney

    russell that is a good idea but at this point does provide a WHOLE load of land mines which could cause us problems.

    We need to organise then promote what standards fuel is and when ASKED do XYZ Fuel station provide standards fuel we would have to say We have NO IDEA as they will not inform us of the general public BUT ABC Fuel Station does provide standards based fuel and they even tell the consumer were they get it from and all the info.

    Drive the buying public away from petrol stations that are dodgy by giving them an alternative that is exactly what the consumer wants!

    Bad publicity might work on one had but it might damage BD use Good publicity of stations that will play and supply standards based fuel will cause the general public who care ( a lot don't till they have a problem I know ) to buy from a place that does supply good quality fuel and stop them from buying from a dodgy place.

    That is the BEST leverage we could have on people like VP and Future fuels is Sales drops.

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    Re: Future Fuels Distribution in Sydney

    In the spirit of what David has said, I would suggest for the moment you directly enquire of VP - at their head office, through their website, fax, telephone ... doesn't matter.

    Get the message through that you need to know what you are being dished up and that they stand behind their product if you have any problems.

    There is activity to form a representative body - watch out for announcements over coming weeks, and join up and give it your support.


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