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Thread: My method, right or wrong?

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    My method, right or wrong?

    I am planning to use the method shown on the web site: Make your own biodiesel: Journey to Forever

    I plan to do it to detail as far as the novice stage goes.

    so the method is(simply put):

    accurate messurements of Koh to methanol using tritation (phenolpthalein solution being used in tritation).

    blending the NEW oil for an hour with the Potassium methoxide let settle and then test using the shake method.

    If test goes well, remove the bio from the crap (from top to bottom) and wash with water until I get a water that has a pH of around 7 - 8

    Is the Make your own biodiesel: Journey to Forever process a good to use?

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    Re: My method, right or wrong?

    Hi biomyown,
    the short answer is no, that site is outdated and state incorrect amounts of catalyst. Try searching on this forum for dr. pepper test batches.
    cheers Fantom

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    Re: My method, right or wrong?

    Most of the info on the JTF site is so inaccurate you should not pay any attention to it unless you can verify it from 3 other sources...Which kind of makes it pretty useless in the first place.

    The JTF site seems to be the first one everybody comes across whether they are actually looking for Bio or SVO related info or not. Unfortunately it is also has the most misinformation on a whole range of topics it addresses.


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