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Thread: newbee to this need help ?

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    newbee to this need help ?

    Hi my name is warren (wassa) for short.
    I live at Chambers Flat in Brisbane south.
    I would like to meet anyone in brisbane who can help me build a plant i am a welder fiter by trade I have mig welder lathe and mill full work shop i need same one to help tec ?
    we can even build 2 or 3 at the same time one for you and one for me and my one to pay for ours any who would like too help [EDIT=Tony from West Oz] please PM me to share contact details [/EDIT]
    Thank you wassa

    I have removed your phone number and email address to reduce the possibility of you having any problems with identity fraud or spam. If you need help with the PM system, respond here and someone will help you with it.

    Tony Clark
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