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Thread: Another source of drums

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    Another source of drums

    Hi All,

    Just located another source of drums looks like plastic and metal?
    But at a cost?

    Regards John H

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    Re: Another source of drums

    John H,

    I have used Tilkeys. In fact they were the only firm were I could find a natural coloured 200 litre drum. They are to EPA standards, also work upwards to food standards. I bought 2 - 44 gals drums a few months ago at $34.00 each. Made my processing much,much easier. I can see what is happening, also they are strong but light enough to throw around.



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    Re: Another source of drums

    I have a 200 litre drum to give away. Was used for hydraulic oil, Pick up Morayfield.4506.
    Phone me 0419727636

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