Hi All,
I posted this for vege oil users and thought bio makers might be interested.

I have gotten onto a supply of 1000lt IBCs (those heavy duty plastic tanks in the lightweight galvanised steel frames) from NW NSW. They have been used once and have had either canola oil etc in them or light herbicide like Roundup.

I use two already for wvo and I know quite a few other forum members do as they allow you to build up a reasonable quantity of oil without having to have a nummber of 200lt drums or the like.

They will be available for around $110 - $120 each but this would be less if a number of people are interested as the tranpsort cost would be reduced. Twelve on a truck will cost no more than six to transport for example.

They are identical to the one in the ebay link below and will be available in Sydney in 3-4 weeks. I live in the SW outskirts of Sydney but delivery to Western, SW and Southern Sydney probably wouldn't be too hard to arrange.

1000 Litre Water Tank - Pallet Mounted IBC - eBay Tanks, Irrigation, Farming, Agriculture, Business, Industrial. (end time 23-Oct-08 19:49:31 AEDST)