hey all,

just started getting set up to make bio with a mate, and to start with we did a few small sample batches, to sort out the amount of lye needed etc.

well, MOST of the samples did what we expected, to varying degrees. but one did something a lil strange in that it just gelled up with a tiny amount of bio surrounding it (see first pic)

it has us stumped as its right in the middle in terms of the molarity of the lye mix. if we had too little or too much it would make a lil more sense, but its smack bang in the middle (see 2nd pic)

can anyone shed some light?

note the distinct gelling (this is about a week of settling)

from left to right we have weakest to strongest lye solution. the one in question is right in the middle.

p.s. its been quite some time since this was done and the sample has started to break down but is still mostly gell