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There is a direct relationship between the volume of corn converted to ethanol with the % of gasoline replaced in the US. Its shown more clearly if you click the line which contains the mysterious word Thi at the bottom of this poor thumbnail.

I've created the graph using data from the US Coalition for Ethanol and two of my favourite US Federal sites The Bureau of Transportation Statistics and the EIA Annual Energy Review, Table 10.3 andI did some simple sums. There trouble with corn ethanol is that therelationship is linear, for every 10% more of the corn crop that isused to make ethanol another 1% of demand for gasoline is replaced. Ihave worked out how we could replace 10% of the total US motor fueldemand... have you? The latest figures show that in 2007 the US consumed just under 7bn gal ethanol and 176bn gal motor fuels.


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