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Thread: Small vegetable oil expeller for coconuts

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    Small vegetable oil expeller for coconuts

    In countries where there are plenty of coconut trees, oil derived from copra (dried coconut meat) can be a desirable alternative to diesel fuel for engines. Extraction of the oil in moderate quantities to supply the needs of the community is a process that can be done manually (which is not easy) or with machines designed for the purpose. Such a machine may be of interest to SVOers. Here's one in YouTube.

    YouTube - Oil expeller for VCO, biodiesel, cooking oil, cocoflour and soap production

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    Re: Small vegetable oil expeller for coconuts

    Hi coco_nut,

    most of oz is too cold to use coconut oil as svo.

    I have read that coconut oil is good to use in temps above 25 deg C.

    Below this temp it's said to be solid?

    These type of oils are used to make products like frytol that most of us avoid.

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