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Thread: G30 Green Petrol - Alternative Transport Fuel to Regular Petrol

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    Lightbulb G30 Green Petrol - Alternative Transport Fuel to Regular Petrol

    Hi All,
    I am new to this forum. We have a patent pending new invention G30 Eco Fuel from Singapore. More than 20 years of research. This is a game changer technology making use of 30% methanol or ethanol with 70% solvent in a proprietary blend. Our invention needs no modification on existing engines, no disruption to current distribution supply and storage chain, no formation of formaldehyde. Indeed our G30 is so clean and the energy value is quite similar to regular petrol meaning fuel consumption is about the same. Recently we saw a white paper from the Australian government about moving towards alternative fuel in the next century.
    Our invention needs a partner in Australia with the necessary distribution and network including expertise for manufacturing.
    Since we do not know the Australia market, I hope to receive advice from fellow members in the forum companies, organization that we can approach for our invention.
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