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Thread: the new oil police?

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    Re: the new oil police?


    Like Cade and Tilly have said and all of us say in our conversations. I don't want to down anyone who uses Biodiesel, I am very happy to let friends know and my mechanic know what it is that I do.
    Yes there will be funny looks and yes people make snide remarks. but inside , you know what it is that you are doing.

    I have had many unusual conversations with friends , workmates and even with my wife and kids. Yes for some reason I'm the mad scientist who cooks up some strange idea to help others.
    I take the waste oil away from the shop because it's too hard for the shop owner to organise a drum and bin to put the waste into.
    I clean up the oil and re-use it to make Biodiesel so I can reduce the nasty gasses that slowly choke our streets.
    I also save money from my little hobby.

    Notice this is all about me..... but it's not.

    I would be really concerned if a lot of people took up the hobby of making Biodiesel because there would be a sudden loss of oil stock around town. There would also be a change of law after many garage fires due to lack of safety and knowledge. we could go on and on but I like to think positive.

    There are many great things about what I have discovered here. I have found some really good friends , a great knowledge of Diesel engines, a fantastic forum that continues to educate me and a fuel that helps me to appreciate what we do.

    There are many stories here. Have a read and enjoy.

    Also. sorry I haven't answered your question.
    I have not converted anyone that I personally know or have spoken to about Biodiesel. Maybe except the boyfriend of the chef I was collecting oil from. My bad.
    I have however converted my wife to the benefits of Bio and she can't wait until the next car purchase is a VW Golf that will run on Bio.

    You are not crazy just highly motivated.

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    Re: the new oil police?

    All, thank you. I have a lot to learn.

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    Re: the new oil police?

    the EPA still havnt fined me or anyone else i know for making biodiesel for private use yet


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