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Thread: Info about Australian Bio Diesel Industry

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    Re: Info about Australian Bio Diesel Industry

    Yes it does go to a Foxtel page. The Web address is correct, perhaps Foxtel have 'hacked' the BSS site?
    Another alternative is that BAA have sold their URL to Foxtel.

    Curiouser and curioser.

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    Re: Info about Australian Bio Diesel Industry

    When you puzzle about what is happening to a website, or want to know who is behind it, you can do a WHOIS lookup by checking the registration details at

    It looks to me like the domain name has expired and been taken over by a holding group. I suspect they have nothing to do with Foxtel. It has limited obvious links on the page, and is mostly text and images - it's a holding page to make the domain name look like it is being used and unavailable to others to register. When I viewed the source code I found one link - to

    I 'think' the idea is that you contact the current Domain Owner via a WHOIS lookup, as below, say you want to use the domain name, they sell it to you for a fee, then it can be used again for it's legitimate purpose.

    Domain Name
    Registrar ID
    Registrar Name Pty Ltd
    Status ok
    Registrant ID OTHER 159773118
    Eligibility Type Non-profit Organisation
    Registrant Contact ID D8_1950_0
    Registrant Contact Name Domain Manager
    Registrant Contact Email
    Tech Contact ID D8_1950_0
    Tech Contact Name Domain Manager
    Tech Contact Email
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