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Thread: Updated suppliers list for Sydney

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    Updated suppliers list for Sydney

    Guys, Just looking for some input as to the suppliers everyone is using in Sydney

    Whiteys at merrylands for Methanol - 44 gallon drum for $220 (cash only)

    KOH, NAOH ?

    Holden Suburban K2500 1998 6.5L Turbo GM engine
    210,000KMs (90,000 on new crate motor)

    Currently 2 tanks in and working - 90 litre BIO tank and main tank of 160L WVO

    30 plate FPHE in Engine bay and Helton Dual coil in rear
    Walbro FRB-5 pusher pumps x 2

    50,000KM on Veg and 10,000Km on B100

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    Re: Updated suppliers list for Sydney

    Just ordered a 500g container of KOH online from Southern Skies Soap Suppliers in SA. $9/500G + $12.50 postage for up to a kilo. Pretty exy compared to bulk buying, but hopefully good to get the test batch going. Also phoned Whitey's Garage and they still sell small quantities of methanol for $1.50/L - BYO fuel-safe container.


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