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Thread: Facts and Tips for Newbies

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    Lightbulb Facts and Tips for Newbies

    Facts and Tips

    NaOH/KOH and Methanol are EXTREMELY dangerous. They WILL cause burns, blindness and can cause death. They WILL enter your body through your nose, mouth and skin.

    Work with goggles, gloves, good ventilation and running water.

    NaOH/KOH and Methanol are water soluble and as such will absorb water from the atmosphere and can affect you conversion.

    Work quickly but safely with your ingredients. Close lids after use and work with as small as quantity as is needed so there is no wastage. NaOH/KOH generally are clear flakes or pellets. If they become clumped, or frosted looking they may have absorbed water.

    The reactions that take place between NaOH/KOH, Methanol and oil are chemical in nature. They require very accurate quantities to work properly.

    The extra care involved in measuring weights and liquids will be well worth the effort, particularly with Titration. Any errors in calculation will become exponentially worse.

    *** This thread is for information only. Please post any questions or discussions in a new thread.***
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