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Thread: S.A. Mass Transit & Biodiesel - Need Info

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    Smile S.A. Mass Transit & Biodiesel - Need Info

    I would appreciate any information you might be able to share regarding the use of Biodiesel in Mass Transit. Buses specifically!

    I have heard that S.A. is running buses on B5, but cannot find any written verification. Is there anything you know of that supports this.

    I have had zero luck getting it from SAFF, and the Metro website is not very helpful in this respect. Thanks for your time.

    Thank you very much - Morris
    Morris Lyda
    The Biodiesel Station

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    Re: S.A. Mass Transit & Biodiesel - Need Info

    Hi Morris,

    Article on TransAdelaide and Biodiesel

    and there is another reference to a press releasehere which has been deleted from the Minister's website - they like to recycle press releases here ;-)

    I think you might find they have already switched to B20 too ...

    Their 2005 Annual Report.

    Ciao for now
    Andrew Weller
    Vivid Adventures.

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