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Thread: Brand new (Adelaidean) to the game!

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    Brand new (Adelaidean) to the game!

    Hello everyone,

    My name is Kieron, I'm an Environmental Scientist here in Adelaide South Australia - working on air pollution monitoring and control in South Australian towns where there are huge pollution problems, no need to name them all here though!

    Anyway, whilst dealing with pollution etc, I have been thinking for a long time about my responsibilities as a environmentally and economically aware citizen, especially about alternative fuels, both for home use and transport. I have dropped in to this and other biodiesel forums from time to time to see what is happening in the field.

    Now I think I should do something.

    I've got a few things I'm thinking about, some of which you all may relate to also.

    First of all, I am P-d off about the (in)voluntary licencing of home-brew biodiesel producers for the ATO etc.

    Next, I want to get hold of a diesel motor and put it into a small car or a wagon, maybe a gemini diesel wagon???? Another option is a mazda or ford 2ltr turbo diesel motor in a nissan pintara wagon ( I have previously owned a pintara and am comfortable with pulling the running gear out and replacing it. All I'd need are modified engine-gearbox mounts, turbo exhaust, etc etc...)

    Thirdly, I want to try to make and use bio-dies-ahol.....

    What the..... I hear some say? Well, I have this idea that the inclusion of 15 to 35% (m)ethanol in biodiesel, taking into consideration the 30% reduction in the energy to mass issue, would increase oxygenation of the diesel burning process and increase the cetane octane level of the fuel - hopefully increasing the fuel economy......

    Just an idea, may not work, never know until we try!

    And another thing is a meet up of like minded individuals to discuss ideas, face to face with a beer or two, and to maybe get an increased awareness of possibilites of all these alternatives the mainstream public have no idea of.

    I see several others want an opportunity to get together and actually see how to make biodiesel and the equipment used etc.

    Maybe we could just organise a get together ourselves to start the ball rolling.

    I am at the least willing to do that, say at a reasonably central location and at a reasonable time of day, so that regional people can come along and we can get together for a biodiesel ho-down..... sorry couldn't help myself there.

    So thats me in a nutshell.

    Thanks for the opportunity to get something happening


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    Re: Brand new (Adelaidean) to the game!

    Hi K, I am new to this site and a SAFF Biodiesel user (purchase from Upper Sturt or Pooraka) with gerry cans when in the area. Would love to get involved in meeting with current home brewers with a view to same. Have an old 86 Diesel ute which is uesd every day and done 335,000 km (last 5,ooo on B100). Happy to meet with view to further discussions or collaboration.

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    Re: Brand new (Adelaidean) to the game!

    Hi guys, we folks in Sydney spent over a year without ever meeting up, but today we had our first picnic. I must say I wish we all did it earlier. "Meeting" in the forums is great of course, but in person is so much better. I'd strongly advise you guys to pick a park in a central location and call a picnic day. This will be the easiest method to start as no one will have to host it. Do it now, post it in the forum. I'd love to see some South Australian folk start to form into a nice biodiesel community there.
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    Re: Brand new (Adelaidean) to the game!

    Hi, Im an adelaide newcomer. looking at continuous reactor designs for a small processor. any Adelaidians please get in touch 0419 363 992

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    Re: Brand new (Adelaidean) to the game!

    hi dave williams from lyndoch spent one or two yrs running on home brew bio and the last couple on filtered waste cooking oil,though i still turn the dregs into bio. I love to go for sunday drives in fact it doesnt matter if its sunday


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