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Thread: Suggestions for hose for collection pump

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    Suggestions for hose for collection pump

    hey Guys,

    Just wonderiing what everyone uses for their hoses on collection pumps ?

    I have built one of DJs gear pumps for collection and started using standard 3/4" garden hose on the inlet and outlet, but have found it has started to go hard and get harder to manipulate etc.

    I am going to try some of the softer gray water hose to see if this is any better, but just wondering what other hoses people have found that remain nice and flexible both in the presence of sunlight and with oil (inside and outside)

    Holden Suburban K2500 1998 6.5L Turbo GM engine
    210,000KMs (90,000 on new crate motor)

    Currently 2 tanks in and working - 90 litre BIO tank and main tank of 160L WVO

    30 plate FPHE in Engine bay and Helton Dual coil in rear
    Walbro FRB-5 pusher pumps x 2

    50,000KM on Veg and 10,000Km on B100

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    Re: Suggestions for hose for collection pump

    I use the thick walled black flexible pipe similar to hydraulic hose that large excavators might use. Mind you this is on the delivery side of the pump, not the suction side. I use a standard rotary hand pump with a steel pipe that drops into the drum, and the black hose from the pump to my cubies in the trailer. The hose hasn't degraded at all in five years.

    Good luck with the search!

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    Re: Suggestions for hose for collection pump

    Hi Guys,
    I am sure this was discussed yonks ago, but I cant find it. Can anyone give me a link to the discussion on electric pump setups for collecting oil.

    Looking to design something small and simple for the old man who is getting an achey shoulder from manual pumping. Some photos would be great.




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