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Thread: 40,000 kms Without Petrol Stations

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    Re: 40,000 kms Without Petrol Stations

    I'm not sure if it's the roaring fire, the red wine or the pictures but that looks funny.
    Now we're talking. for some reason Hindenburg came to mind.

    not a hilux or Landy but I'm sure brown gas and a Landy look just as funny. A hilux should be able to carry 265 KG's of wood ????

    Enjoy the fantastic weekend .
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    Re: 40,000 kms Without Petrol Stations

    Quote Originally Posted by Tim-HJ61 View Post

    As a moderator, all we ask is that the discussions don't descend into personal acrimony and insults and stick to the theme of the forum. Labouring the point is only heading the wrong way.

    Critiquing an attempt by a group of keen Gen y's to "start a conversation with their peers" as I recall Bob called it, is stretching the boundaries of the purpose of the forum.
    Critiquing the technical aspects of a group of keen Gen Y's wanting to drive from Tassie to Norway on BioFuel IS within the boundaries of the forum.

    We've all got different reasons for being interested in biofuel - some purely environmental, some purely economic, some purely technical and all variations in between. Accept the differences - at the end of the day we all mess around with oil and cars, that's a common thread.

    The last thing I want to be bothered with is to shut down the discussion or start giving time outs. Just keep it civil, non harping, respectful and accommodating of difference.
    I posted this on 26th July in this thread.

    A couple of recent posts have been deleted for breaching this earlier gentle reminder.

    If you want to give your opinion about the business aspect of this thread, PM whoever you think needs to know your opinion or answer your questions.

    Keep comments on the forum civil.



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