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Thread: Buying a Troopy for WVO conversion ?

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    Buying a Troopy for WVO conversion ?

    Hi all,
    I am looking for some advise regarding the best Toyota Troopy engine for WVO conversion.
    My next project is to buy and convert a Troopy for a round Australia trip.
    I have been thinking the 12h-t engine would be a good one.
    Have considered a 2H engine in the 1989 75 series also.

    I am also considering a later model low k's 78/79 series 2006 factory turbo diesel. (not sure of the engine type)

    Tips and advise much appreciated, thanks.


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    Re: Buying a Troopy for WVO conversion ?


    i have a mate who owns a 75 series from that era, he bought it for 6k, has done nothing to it, it runs on svo, and he has had no problems.

    best thing he ever did cos he travels far and wide, and he did this cos he saw my Lux running on svo, the only thing he has not got is automation of the switch over, he believes in simplicity.

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    Re: Buying a Troopy for WVO conversion ?

    Froggo has a trooper running on svo maybe pm him.
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    Re: Buying a Troopy for WVO conversion ?

    See the list of vehicles diverted at the top of the forum in a sticky. And the matrix of ways to choose your engine.

    12ht never came into troopie form, you'd have to retrofit.. AFAIK, I'm the only successful long term user of 100% WVO in a 12ht worldwide so please ask for guidance if that is the option you choose.

    1Hz is a good common choice, or a 2h, both with aftermarket turbos. Factory turbo = direct injection.

    1HD-FTE is terrific motor, easy to get 135kw at all four wheels, but you would need to be competent prior to converting one of these high tech beasties.

    Check the sticky and go from there.

    Toyota Landcruiser 1988 HJ61 Manual Wagon
    12H-T turbo Direct Injection.
    Twin Tank setup runs on 100% WVO after warm up. 30 plate FPHE with 80C output, 12mm fuel lines
    Start up and shut down electric fuel pump feeds IP direct.
    Front 4WDSytstems Lokka, Rear ARB airlokka for quick escapes up sandhills. Performance GTurbo with 600mm FMIC gives 450nm @ 1700rpm at 20psi boost.

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    Re: Buying a Troopy for WVO conversion ?

    Ive been running my 1991 HZJ75 Troopy on VO for nearly 3 years now, and havent had any problems at all. I would recommend one of these for sure.Mine cost $10000 over 4 years ago so im guessing you could pick a good one up for around $7000-$8000 these days.

    225,000km on WVO and counting
    1991 HZJ75 Landcruiser Troopy
    Two Tank System- 90ltr Dino / 140ltr WVO
    30 plate HE
    CAV filter
    20 plate HE
    2 x 6 way pollack valves (one for delayed purge changeover)

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    Re: Buying a Troopy for WVO conversion ?

    Thank you all for your reply's. I did read the sticky before I posted and was looking for some more input.
    I was leaning towards the 12ht and was unsure if the 1hz would deliver the goods.
    Now that I have researched some more and talked to some mates it looks like the 1hz in the 75 series with a aftermarket turbo and water/methanol injection (coolingmist system) to prevent ring gumming and increase power output and a three inch straight through exhaust and perhaps a inter-cooler, if the fancy takes me, will be the way to go.
    Plenty of them out there so parts will be easy to source for some time to come.

    Might even throw on an old hydrogen generator that I have lying around to see what it will do.

    All I have to do now is find a good one.


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