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Thread: lets get networking

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    lets get networking

    theres not a whole lot of action happening on the tas biodiesel users forum, so thought id pop a note out there to see whos making BD in tas.

    lets get a thread going and get talking bio-diesel.

    im down in hobart.

    BB ronnie.

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    Re: lets get networking

    Hi I've just moved down to Hobart from interstate and have had designs on learning to make biodiesel for a little while now. Are there people out there who are keen to let me come see what they do. I have read a fair amount of background and have the KOH, indicator and methanol to get started but interested to see others do it to firm up the concept in my head.
    We have a late model peugeot that the manual suggests not more than B10, do others have experience with similar cars running a more inspiring percentage?
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