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Thread: Biodiesel from Animal Fats

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    Hi All!

    I'm working on a project of biodiesel from animal fats market analysis. The objectives are 1) to estimate market size, specifically in South East Asia 2) to approach the meat/fish processing firms to identify the needs for biodiesel processors. I believe utilizing the waste animal fats for biodiesel production, which in turns can feed firms' energy needs for cooling system and electricity makes much sense!

    Is there anyone here supplying the relevant biodiesel processors? Greatly appreciate your information on the available equipment you have, as well as any difficulty you have to approach this market segment? Perhaps together it is possible for us to really find out the bridge for our businesses


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    Re: Biodiesel from Animal Fats

    "Discover" magazine, May 2003, Volume 24, Number 5, has an article starting on page 50, titled "Anything into Oil". There was an industrial plant using turkey processing-plant waste into liquid fuel of some kind. You might study this article as part of your research project. Thanks

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